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Morgan Carroll is challenging incumbent Republican Mike Coffman; WI-8, where Outagamie County Executive Thomas Nelson is competing against Republican Mike Gallagher for a GOP-held open seat; and MN-8, where incumbent Democrat Rick Nolan is trying to fend off perennial GOP rival Stewart Mills III. All will be close in November. Which isnt to say Sanders hasnt had any influence so far: Several of his House primary endorsements, in fact, have already had their desired effect. With the senators early backing, human rights activist Pramila Jayapal defeated three challengers in Augusts Seattle-area primary, virtually guaranteeing her a seat in Congress. Civil rights champion casino online play real money Jamie Raskin another Sanders primary pick is the clear frontrunner to win an open seat in Maryland. And in New Yorks 19th Congressional District, which was previously held by the GOP, liberal favorite Zephyr Teachout is leading Republican John Faso in the latest polls. And yet Sanders House track record isnt perfect. In June, the senator backed three candidates in Nevadas Democratic primaries, and all three were routed including Lucy Flores, 36, the first Latina member of Nevadas legislature. In New York, Eric Kingson, a professor whom Sanders not only endorsed but also stumped for , lost his primary as well. And perhaps Sanders most spectacular failure was in Floridas 23rd Congressional District, where he directed millions of dollars in donations to law professor Tim Canova in a high-profile attempt to unseat former DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz only to bail on Canova in the homestretch.

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