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The casino is in the long run, however, and your session is just a very small part of the machine's overall performance. Another casino (Riviera, I think) had a few banks of machines that they claimed had the highest paybacks available for each game. It posted a letter from its accountants stating that the casino had ordered the highest payback possible from the manufacturer for each of the games in the banks. The claim was for long-term payback, not daily or weekly or monthly payback. The same holds true for a bank advertised as having 98.5% payback. As long as the payback chips installed on the machines pay back 98.5% or more in the long run, that should satisfy the gaming commission, regardless of short-term deviations. You used the words regularly and consistent, though, indicating that these situations lasted for some time. Nevertheless, did you check the performance against the confidence intervals to see if the paybacks experienced fell within the expected range for the amount of play that the machines received, either short or long term? And did their total performance fall close to their long-term payabcks? The 1980s blackjack strategy table were the early days of computer-controlled slots. I wonder if it's possible that the chips had gotten corrupted -- maybe even intentionally.

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