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Unless we hit something pretty big and the coins were too heavy, we didnt cash them in until we were back at our own hotel. We just carried our playing money as wed go. Always, what we played were the three-reel slots. Mostly we played quarters, but there were a lot of nickel games then, too. Not the nickel video with all those lines like you see now, but nickel three-reel slots with one or three lines, just like the quarters or dollars. Maximum bet was three coins, and you could go a long way if you were only betting 15 cents on a nickel game or 75 cents on quarters. As is typical on slots, sometimes the wins came, sometimes they didnt. One trip well always remember, I had a $250 jackpot on a quarter machine, so we decided to splurge and play dollars. My wife won $1,000 her first time out on a dollar game! Thats excitement. Thats still where the excitement is for us.

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